Partnering is a collaborative approach undertaken by key stakeholders of a project, with the help of a neutral third-party facilitator, to establish mutual goals for the sake of project’s completion and success.

It is a process that enhances lines of communication and develops trust among the parties.  Partnering reduces, if not totally eliminates, disputes and adversarial nature between contractors, owners, team leaders, and government agencies by increasing teamwork and resolving disputes before they occur.  Hence, since its inception, partnering has become the go-to and most widely used approach for both government and private project management.

At Worldwide B2B, we’re not just offering a well formulated Partnering service. We will help you in every step of the way from conducting comprehensive seminars to post-project assessment after its completion.

The clients we serve are large US federal procurements, including base operation support (BOS) and construction contractors worldwide.

“Shared common goals and building trust along the way has helped the cleanup process immensely.  I only wish we could have started (partnering) sooner.”

– Ryan Mayer, Remedial Project Manager with theNaval Facilities Engineering Command, Washington

 Our Mission

WorldWide B2B Services aims to provide “road map”, through our Partnering For Success” program, that enables owners, contractors and other parties to successfully achieve their established expectations.  We take pride in developing our well-honed and proven methodology that details the process undertaken before the start of a project.  Its measurable benefits primarily include project completion within or under budget and within the designated time period.  “Partnering For Success” also increases productivity, improves quality, reduces waste, and satisfactory working experiences among parties.  With our “Partnering For Success program, we can help you deliver exciting and positive outcomes for your project.

Our Capabilities

WorldWide B2B Services was founded in 2012 and in a short span of time, has been providing neutral, third-party partnering facilitation in many companies worldwide and across the United States.  Our top notch facilitators with over 25 years of experience can serve you in the highest capacity for your partnering projects.

Worldwide B2B Services offers complete partnering services along with the following:

  • Facilities Management Team Reviews
  • Ashore Operations Assessments
  • Community Support Services
  • Base Operations Support
  • General Installation Management Engagements
  • Construction Projects
  • Engineering and Design Kickoffs
  • And more…

WorldWide B2B Services offers one- or two-day partnering workshops depending on the nature and size of the project.  Workshops are tailored specifically and uniquely to client’s requirements. Check out our detailed “Partnering For Success timeline.

Partnering for Success Timeline♦ 4 Weeks Prior: Identify participants; conduct initial survey of expectations, processes, concerns and commitments♦ 3 Weeks Prior: Identify goals from survey results and interviews♦ 2 Weeks Prior: Prepare individualized course booklets; send materials to site♦ 1 Week Prior: Finalize course outcomes; verify arrangements; discuss facility requirements♦ During Conference: Focused discussion; investigate specific issues and challenges; define management plan; create group charter; build the relationship♦ After Care: Gather all data and results; create summary of agreements, expectations, and commitments; conduct post conference surveys♦ Follow-Up: Annual check-up

WorldWide B2B Services knows no boundaries.  We have provided partnering services for large-scale federal procurements and has reached out as far as the island of Diego Garcia (a British Indian Ocean Territory) Djibouti in Africa, Bahrain in the Mid-East, New Zealand, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and the United States.

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