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May 05 2015 , Friday 6:14AM

Planate B2B Changes Name to WorldWide B2B Services

by:admin Chris Decker, President of Planate B2B Services, has announced the changing of name of his company f...
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October 10 2014 , Wednesday 6:13AM

Planate B2B was awarded GTMO Partnering

by:admin Chris Decker gave a one-day partnering facilitation for U.S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba l...
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June 06 2014 , Sunday 6:12AM

Planate B2B to provide Partnering Support for BOS Bahrain

by:admin Chris Decker returned to Bahrain to hold a two-day partnering session for the Base Operations Suppor...
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November 11 2013 , Friday 6:12AM

Partnering For Success in NZTE, Auckland, New Zealand

by:admin Chris Decker provided his management expertise for companies in New Zealand seeking to collaborate w...
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June 06 2013 , Saturday 6:10AM

Partnering For Success in Djibouti, Africa

by:admin Chris Decker has been selected to be the neutral facilitator for a two-day partnering session for th...
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January 01 2013 , Tuesday 6:05AM

Planate B2B was awarded Partnering For Success in Diego Garcia Island

by:admin Chris Decker was chosen to exercise his expertise in partnering for the key stakeholders for Base O...
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April 04 2012 , Sunday 5:57AM

Planate B2B to provide Partnering to Base Operation Support Services in Bahrain

by:admin Chris Decker was to support Naval Facilities Engineering Command by conducting a partnering session ...
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