Worldwide Business-To-Business (Worldwide B2B) Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC provides expert consultative services in the US federal/Department of Defense contracting space especially in the Navy Shore Installation realm. On either an individual basis or through an engagement like Partnering Facilitation, Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC provides advice on acquisition approaches, dispute resolution approaches, administrative insights and insightful observations primarily related to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) and its sponsor, Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC). NAVFAC Instruction 11013.40A requires formal Partnering Facilitation, specific to NAVFAC BOS and construction contracts, for large procurements. Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC offers global partnering support consultation services for clients in facilities management, ashore operations, community support and general installation management endeavors. Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC provides the framework and experience to be success in Partnering to begin and manage the relationship in all large contracts with NAVFAC across the Navy Installation Domain. We help organizations work together effectively in an atmosphere of teamwork and trust to complete projects.

Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC Partnering Facilitation would be led by Chris Decker, who is a retired NAVFAC/CNIC military and senior civilian contracting and program official with over 35 years of continuous service to the Navy Installation space worldwide. This experience assures that Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC is expert in assisting you resolve conflict within integrated government and contractor project teams. We are known for our global Partnering Support with a proven methodology, "Partnering for Success". This methodology has measurable benefits including improved quality, increased productivity, reduced waste, a more long-lasting, harmonious and successful partnering experience.

Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC and predecessor organizations have been providing NAVFAC Partnering facilitation and consulting services to some of the largest engineering, design and services firms going back over 20 years.

Company Profile

WorldWide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC was founded in 2012 but our work in previous organizations goes back to the late 1990s. Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC has been providing neutral, third-party partnering facilitation and consultation in many companies worldwide and across the United States which balances the needs of the government and our leading service providers to our nation. Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC is a service disable veteran-owned small business located in Virginia. We strive to exceed client expectations in all areas of personnel assurance services, partnering support and consulting services.

Company Information

DUNS 75078560
CAGE Code 88PD9
Incorporation Date 28-Oct-14
Point of Contact Genevieve Gozalo


Worldwide B2B Services - NAVFAC Partnering LLC provides expert consultation and partnering facilitation in the Navy Installation Management pace especially with Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)


To become a trusted confidant of responsible officials; a discreet practitioner of admired values; a bright light in new beginning for those working with the US Navy Ashore.


  • Respect all people; their beliefs, opinions, needs, wants, and aspirations.
  • Earn Trust with untarnished integrity, honesty, confidentiality and
    personal conduct.
  • Revere the client; obey his rules, serve him with a passion, work
    productively, and make a difference.
  • Listen actively; focus, hear, reflect, and relate.
  • Practice just-in-time, evidence-based thinking that integrates best
    available information, resources, and expertise with the characteristics,
    state, needs, values and preferences of those who will be affected and in
    a manner that is compatible with the environmental and organizational
  • Take Care of Our Own; personally, and professionally, up and down the line.